Meet the Interviewer

Meet the Project Creator

Storm Garner is a multi-disciplined artist—writer, filmmaker, designer, actor, musician—born in DC, raised partly in Paris, and based in New York City since working on her first La Mama, ETC theater production in 2006. She holds a BA in Nonfiction Creative Writing from Columbia University and is currently a Master’s student in Oral History at Columbia. She created the video for the Queens Night Market’s first Kickstarter campaign after befriending John Wang, its founder, in 2014. Married as of 2019, the duo co-wrote the Queens Night Market cookbook The World Eats Here (May 2020). Storm adapted the vendor-chefs’ profiles in the book from her 2018 and 2019 long-form oral history interviews with them for her thesis project: The Queens Night Market Vendor Stories Oral History Project. This year Storm is conducting a second round of interviews (remotely) with Queens Night Market vendors to document how they are coping with the current COVID-19 crisis. All the interviews in this multi-year project will be indexed and archived and put online for public educational purposes at the Nunn Center for Oral History, and this years’ interviews will additionally be archived locally with the Queens Public Library in their Queens Memory COVID-19 Project. 

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